G Fuel The Boys Compound V Ginseng Citrus Berry Flavour Energy Drink (473ml)

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Inspired by the riveting universe of "The Boys", G FUEL's Compound V is not just a drink; it's an uprising against the ordinary. Just as The Boys challenge the status quo in a world dominated by superheroes, this blend pushes the boundaries of what you expect from an energy drink. Crafted for those who dare to stand out, Compound V is a beacon for rebels, anti-heroes, and the undaunted.

Every sip of Compound V is a taste of the extraordinary. A blend that captures the essence of power struggles, covert operations, and high-octane drama from "The Boys", its flavors are both bold and elusive, much like the secrets that permeate the show. But beyond its thrilling taste, Compound V is designed to elevate, offering a surge of energy and focus that even The Seven would envy.

In a world where heroes and anti-heroes clash, where lines between right and wrong blur, G FUEL's Compound V offers a clear choice: to embrace your inner strength and make a statement. Whether you're gearing up for an epic showdown or simply navigating the challenges of your day, let Compound V be the ace up your sleeve. Stand tall, defy expectations, and channel the spirit of "The Boys" with every gulp.

Imported from the USA.

We are currently updating the ingredients information across our website. If you have any dietary allergies or intolerances then please email us at support@americancandyuk.co.uk before you place an order.

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