General Mills Trix Loaded Cereal (358g)

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Trix Loaded Cereal takes the classic, colorful fun of Trix and elevates it with an exciting twist—each bowl is bursting with extra goodies that make breakfast or snack time even more delightful. This new version of the beloved cereal features the traditional fruity-flavored Trix pieces mixed with marshmallows, providing a creamy texture contrast and a richer taste experience. The addition of marshmallows not only adds a new dimension of flavor but also enhances the visual appeal, making each spoonful a vibrant and enticing treat.

Perfect for kids and those young at heart, Trix Loaded Cereal promises to bring a smile to your morning with its playful shapes and flavors. The cereal maintains its commitment to providing a joyful start to the day while incorporating a touch of indulgence through its 'loaded' component. Whether enjoyed straight from the box or served in a bowl with milk, Trix Loaded offers a fun, satisfying way to kickstart the day with a burst of energy and flavor that's sure to keep the whole family coming back for more.


Imported from the USA.

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