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Showing 1 - 24 of 36 products
Milka Oreo Chocolate Brownie (100g)
Best Before: 31/07/2024
Milka Cookie Sensations Oreo (156g)
Best Before: 24/10/2024
Save £1.00
Milka Choco Brownie (150g)
Milka Milka Choco Brownie (150g)
Sale price£1.99 Regular price£2.99
Milka Cookie Sensations (156g)
Best Before: 14/08/2024
Milka XL Cookies Choco (184g)
Best Before: 29/10/2024
Milka Orange Jaffa Cakes (128g)
Best Before: 12/09/2024
Milka XL Cookies Hazelnut (184g)
Best Before: 06/10/2024
Milka Daim (100g)
Milka Milka Daim (100g)
Sale price£1.49
Best Before: 30/06/2024
Milka Chips Ahoy (100g)Milka Chips Ahoy (100g)
Milka Milka Chips Ahoy (100g)
Sale price£1.49
Best Before: 26/10/2024
Milka Tuc (87g)
Milka Milka Tuc (87g)
Sale price£1.49
Best Before: 10/12/2024
Milka Leo Go! (48g)
Milka Milka Leo Go! (48g)
Sale price£1.69
Best Before: 10/07/2024
Milka Leo White (33g)
Milka Milka Leo White (33g)
Sale price£1.19
Best Before: 13/11/2024
Milka Oreo Sandwich (92g)
Best Before: 20/11/2024
Milka Leo Milk Chocolate (33g)
Best Before: 18/10/2024
Milka Melo Cakes (100g)
Milka Milka Melo Cakes (100g)
Sale price£3.99
Best Before: 05/09/2024
Milka Chocolate Cookie Sensations (156g)
Best Before: 26/06/2024
Milka Choc Jaffa Cakes (128g)
Best Before: 04/09/2024
Milka Mini Cookies Chocolate Chip (110g)
Best Before: 30/11/2024
Save £0.70
Milka Raspberry Jaffa Cakes (147g)
Milka Milka Raspberry Jaffa Cakes (147g)
Sale price£1.29 Regular price£1.99
Best Before: 09/06/2024
Milka Lu (87g)
Milka Milka Lu (87g)
Sale price£1.49
Best Before: 15/01/2025
Milka Chocolate Spread (350g)
Milka Bubbly White (95g)
Best Before: 01/11/2024
Milka Bubbly (90g)
Milka Milka Bubbly (90g)
Sale price£1.49
Best Before: 13/01/2025
Save £1.50
Milka Choco Trio (150g)
Milka Milka Choco Trio (150g)
Sale price£1.49 Regular price£2.99

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