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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 products
Mentos Cinnamon (37g)
Mentos Mentos Cinnamon (37g)
Sale price£2.19
Best Before: 30/03/2026
Mentos Drop (37.5g)
Mentos Mentos Drop (37.5g)
Sale price£1.39
Best Before: 28/02/2026
Mentos Duo Grape & Muscat (Japan) (45g)
Mentos Fanta (37g)
Mentos Mentos Fanta (37g)
Sale price£1.29
Best Before: 30/04/2025
Mentos Fruit Chewy (135g)
Best Before: 01/09/2025
Mentos Grape (37.5g)
Mentos Mentos Grape (37.5g)
Sale price£1.39
Mentos Green Apple (37g)
Best Before: 30/11/2025
Mentos Gum Strawberry Yogurt (90g)
Best Before: 09/02/2025
Mentos Rainbow (29.7g)
Mentos Mentos Rainbow (29.7g)
Sale price£0.99
Best Before: 23/09/2024
Mentos Ramune Soda (Japan) (37.5g)
Best Before: 31/01/2026
Mentos Roll Peach Orange (29g)
Best Before: 19/02/2025
Mentos Roll Spice IT UP (29g)
Best Before: 28/01/2025
Mentos Strawberry (37g)
Best Before: 28/02/2026

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